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Yoga4Face: Basics4You

Yoga4face Basics

3 hours online-course

The Basics4You online workshop offers an induction to the Yoga4Face method by Renée Isermann. Step by step, you will learn about the aging process, how to best change daily routines and what to do for stress relief, how to re-programme with essential oils and how purposeful breathing works.

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Yoga4Face: Time4Me

Yoga4face Mastermind

30 days online Mastermind Training

The 30 days online training group offers you personal coaching with Renée Isermann and gives participants the opportunity to take time to integrate the 4 steps of Yoga4Face method in your daily routine. It takes at least 21 days to create a new habit. This course gives you the benefit of learning in a group where you can support each other.

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Yoga4Face: Day4Me

Yoga4face Day4Me

1 Tag - Live Workshop

One day just for you! In this personal workshop, Renée will teach you everything you need to know about the Yoga4Face method. Learn how this method can bring joy and ease to your everyday life, how to let go of old and heavy burdens, how to re-create your appearance and connect with yourself. Discover how to change your life with a smile.

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