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The Yoga4Face DVD

Title: Guidance-DVD

Author: Renée Isermann

Format: DVD (or MP4-Video)

Length: 90:00 Minutes

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The Yoga4Face guidance video to the book

24 Exercises (90 min Training)

The following exercises can be incorporated into your daily routine anytime, anywhere.

You will have the opportunity to practice them as a complete program in a row or individually.

The Yoga4Face method is natural and safe for everyone.

For best results and to prevent tension and accidental wrinkling, you should follow a few recommendations:

Tips & Tricks for Daily Training:

  • Relax between exercises your face. Relaxation is a very valuable gift for your mental and physical body.
  • To achieve a good effect, work out daily for a long period of time, even if it is just a pose.
  • Be careful and be aware of which muscles you are currently using, especially if you can´t use some muscles in a controlled manner. It helps to visualize the movement beforehand.
  • Take time for your exercises. You can achieve better results by making the exercises consciously and dedicating the space they need to you and them.
  • Practice in front of the mirror until you are sure that you are using the right muscles and are not creating any extra wrinkles.
  • Always do the exercises on both sides of your face. In addition, when a side needs more attention, you can adjust your facial halves by increasing one-sided exercise, giving you a natural beauty.
  • Before you start training, moisturize your face. If the skin feels dry, use a moisturizer or spray. For the exercises, it is not necessary to wash your face before or to remove your make-up.

Things to avoid:

  • During your practice, hold your breath: For best results, let your breath flow calmly and evenly throughout your body. This helps you to let the stress flow out of your body.
  • Pulling and tugging at your skin: Face Yoga is a resistance training that builds your muscles that are the foundation of your skin.
  • Further training if you are in pain or feeling uneasy: Your body is giving you a signal that you are using the wrong muscles. Look again at the exercise instruction before proceeding and look for the clues at the beginning of each practice session.
  • Train the same poses over a long period of time: your life and your face need balance.

Have fun and success in training.

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