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The Yoga4Face Meditation

Title: Under the waterfall

Author: Renée Isermann

Format: MP3-File

Length: 9:42 Minutes

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The Yoga4Face meditation

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Meditation is pure being - silence, free of thoughts, free of desire. This is the natural state of security in which we were born.

As children, we are welcomed into society. We are taught how to think, how to value, how to be reasonable, how to argue, what to do and how to behave. We lose our original innocence of "pure being" - some more, others less. We often forget our own needs. Since today's society is primarily about performance-oriented functioning and no longer about the human being itself, our mind is often full of thoughts, worries, needs and desires. The consequences can be burnout, depression, aggression or a loss of self-esteem.

The basis of your reorientation in the practice of Yoga4Face is to completely free yourself mentally and make room for new, empowering thoughts.

Meditation allows you to break out of the thought carousel, strip off the burden of many thoughts, and rediscover your source of being. You learn to restore the connection to your interior.

Consider meditation as a journey of discovery to your personal inner world.

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