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The book

Title: Yoga4Face

Author: Renée Isermann

Format: Flexobroschure

Pages: 152 with images

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The Bestseller-Book from Renée Isermann

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Yoga4face is a completely natural method to any anti-aging remedies. Say good-bye to signs of aging and relish your new & fresh look. Let your dazzling and contagious smile shine into the world. And boost your self-esteem.

As a certified Yoga4Face coach, Renée combines the specific physical and facial exercises with essential oils.

It’s a full package-deal - from beauty and anti-aging tips & tricks, such as the egg-white face mask or the ‘hot roll’, to advice and support for a healthy diet and a personal realignment. Age is just a number. Here’s all you need for you to be and stay beautiful, healthy and happy.

Start practicing Yoga4Face and see the change in your face. It’s magic.

Fumiko Takatsu about Yoga4Face

The founder of Face Yoga

"Open-minded, cheerful, curious, caring, balanced and a natural beauty….This is Renée as I know it.

Renée did the course to become a certified Face Yoga Method Trainer in 2017. During the 4-month training I saw her great personality. She has always supported her classmates in a positive and affectionate way throughout the whole time.

I was very impressed by her positive attitude, she always sees the best in things and people and I really noticed her during the course.

I am also so impressed by her passion and love for what she loves: essential oils, face yoga, to enjoy the balance in life and nature. She has charisma, is responsible and has a good heart.

When I met her online personally for the final certification of the course, I mentioned that she could also take the demo course in English. And without hesitation, she decided to take up the challenge in English, although this is not her mother tongue. And she made it great! This really showed that she is a dedicated person, whatever she does. She doesn't give up until she reaches her goal. She is fully committed to her life, to her work. And I'm sure this book will give readers a lot of information about essential oil and face yoga.

Enjoy the information, feel the love, passion and care Renee shares in this book."

Fumiko Takatsu

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