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Yoga4Face: The Package

Yoga4face Package

The Yoga4Face-Package

Get the complete package consisting of the Yoga4Face book, the meditation exercises on CD and the instruction DVD for the special price of 130.00 Euro. The package allows you to learn all the exercises and tricks of Renée Isermann's unique Yoga4Face method quickly and you'll achieve amazing results in the shortest possible time.

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Yoga4Face: The Book

Yoga4face Cover

The Yoga4Face Book

Renée Iserman, the certified face yoga teacher, presents her Yoga4Face method on 152 pages of this magnificent book: in 4 steps to a radiant smile, greater self-confidence and a balanced life. A clear and comprehensive guide with simple and practical exercise to stay young and beautiful with little effort.

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Yoga4Face: The Meditation

Yoga4face Meditation

Meditation exercises

Meditation is a pure state of being - it is being at peace, being free of any thoughts and desires. It is the natural state of comfort and safety into which we were once born. Meditation helps you to break free from old patterns, to let go of those heavy wweighted thoughts. It is the key to rediscover your true sense of being and to learn to reconnect with your inner core.

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Yoga4Face: The video

Yoga4face Video

The instruction DVD

On this DVD, Renée will show and guide you through all Yoga4Face exercises from the book. It’s a 90 minutes programme and includes 24 exercises which you can easily integrate in your daily routine. You can choose to do them all in one go or practice them individually. It’s an easy and simple way to a beaming complexion. Learn to shine from the inside out.

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Yoga4Face: Stress Away

Yoga4face Stress Adé

Stressfree from head to toe

Learn to quickly relieve stress and tension with the 13 exercises presented in this video. It’s best to do them in the morning, right when you get out of bed. But there are also perfect as a little break throughout your day, to take away the edge and bring some ease into your life again. These exercises are for anyone who wants to activate all joints from head to toe.

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Yoga4Face: Basic training

Yoga4face Basistraining

Basic exercises on video

This video offers carefully selected facial exercises from the book that you can play use anywhere, anytime, and easily integrate them in your daily routine. It includes the forehead massage, tapping, the ‘Wow’-exercise and the ‘Big O’-exercise. Plus, the ‘eye opener’ as a little bonus. These exercises will calm your mind and your soul for instant stress relief and better blood circulation.

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Yoga4Face: Essential oils

Yoga4face ätherische Öle

Alternative natural medicine

Essential oils and aromatherapy are an integral part of Yoga4Face method. The most likely oldest art of healing will support you to your true inner core to stay healthy whilst growing old. Pure essential oils are a gift of mother nature. They bear similar features to our immune system and have invaluable benefits for our bodies, as they bring balance to our body and mind.

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